Dalian Art College

Publié le 17/06/2021
Chine Chine

Dance Group of Dalian Art College was set up in 2015. This group has made many achievements in various professional competitions at all levels. In the 9th and 10th National “TAO LI CUP” Dance Contest, their dance won the second prize.

In 2018, the original play "The Manchu Tambourine" was approved by the National Art Foundation of China as a small stage art creation funding project. The dance group has completed several original dances and has been invited to participate in CCTV performance for many years.


Dance Description

Dance name: "The Manchu Tambourine"

Drum is an important sacred instrument of Manchu, which can fully reflect the folk characteristics of Manchu. Dancers used exquisite dance skills to express the joy of the Manchu in the harvest day and the wish for a better life.

This dance plays an important role in promoting the exploration of regional culture and the development of traditional arts. It is a perfect combination of intangible cultural heritage and dance art.

In March 2018, "The Manchu Tambourine" was approved by the National Art Fund for 2018 Small Drama and Works Funding Project, and the work won the highest award in the 5th College Student Art Show in Liaoning Province, China. On behalf of Liaoning Province, they participated in the 5th National College Students Art Show which is held in Shanghai in April this year, and won the first prize and the award of excellent creation.